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The area
Natural and artificial landscapes
The Landscapes
The presence of man and the construction of the landscape
Castel del Monte: a symbol
Castles and cathedrals
The city centres
Archaeological sites
Museums and Art-Galleries
From the Murgia to the sea
The damp zone
The Ofanto river
The sheep-tracks
The high murgia
The Sea
Treasures of art and history
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The territory of Puglia Imperiale
The name Imperial Puglia quickly and evocatively identifies the area of the cities of Andria, Barletta, Bisceglie, Canosa di Puglia, Corato, Margherita di Savoia, Minervino Murge, San Ferdinando di Puglia, Spinazzola, Trani and Trinitapoli. The tourism promotional plan Imperial Puglia, promoted by the Patto Territoriale per l'Occupazione Nord/Barese Ofantino (Territorial Pact for North Bari/Ofantino Occupation), aims at the rediscovery of the great past of this territory, gathering the 11 cities under the shield of the most famous Federician monument in the world, Castel del Monte.
The simple act of crossing this extremely interesting and little known...
Natural and artificial landscapes
Natural and artificial landscapes
Often described, a bit simplistically, as uniform and full of olive trees,...
The Landscapes
The Landscapes
Geographically, our area is located between the Capitanata, the Adriatic...
The presence of man and the construction of the landscape The presence of man and the construction of the landscape
The vegetation has...
Castel del Monte: a symbol Castel del Monte: a symbol
Known around the world, and one of the most fascinating and mysterious...
Castles and cathedrals Castles and cathedrals
The period of Norman domination, and, above all, the Swabian period under...
The city centres The city centres
This area has been characterised, since ancient times, by the contrast...
Archaeological sites Archaeological sites
This area has been inhabited since the most ancient times.  Traces...
Museums and Art-Galleries Museums and Art-Galleries
Besides the archaeological museums and the countless works of art visible...
From the Murgia to the sea From the Murgia to the sea
The variety of landscapes that can be found in this territory is truly...
The damp zone The damp zone
In the flat heart of Daunia, on the border between the provinces of Foggia...
The Ofanto river The Ofanto river
The Aufidus of the ancients is the largest river in Puglia and the longest...
The sheep-tracks The sheep-tracks
Accustomed to distractedly travelling through the territory in a North-South...
The high murgia The high murgia
The environmental district of the High Murgia Park, "the last example...
The Sea The Sea
From Margherita to Bisceglie, in little more than 40 km, the coastal...
    Treasures of art and history Treasures of art and history
  Cathedrals, Churches and Monasteries
  Palaces and Stately Homes
  Archaeological Sites
  Wildlife areas
    History History
It is written in the stones, monuments and roads: pages of chapters telling millennia of history, of ruling and ruled populations which lived here, bringing the area to life.
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