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Bisceglie - Bisceglie
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This city is best “experienced” by travelling from the seaside to the surrounding country, in the quest of those very evident signs of Prehistoric times: the Chianca Dolmen is its symbol, a magical place of primitive times, in stark comparison to the promenade where the more fashionable youth meet together in the sultry summer evenings.  The church is S. Adoeno is not to be missed with its dark stone façade and the Castle and church of S. Margherita.   ...
Dolmen of Chianca Bisceglie   DOLMEN OF CHIANCA BISCEGLIE
The dolmen of Chianca is truly unique: One of the most important i Europe for its size and beauty and for the great number of findings that were uncovered there....
The Grotto of Santa Croce Bisceglie   THE GROTTO OF SANTA CROCE BISCEGLIE
The grotto of Santa Croce in Bisceglie is 1.30 m long and is 1.20 m above sea level. It was discovered in 1934 by the Bisceglie scholar Francesco Saverio Majellaro,...
Cathedral of San Pietro Bisceglie   CATHEDRAL OF SAN PIETRO BISCEGLIE
The cathedral was dedicated to St. Peter on its foundation in 1073 by Count Normanno Pietro II. It is among the oldest Romanesque churches in Puglia and has witnessed...
Church of San Adoeno Bisceglie   CHURCH OF SAN ADOENO BISCEGLIE
After the cathedral, this is the oldest church in the city and among the best examples of Romanesque-Pugliese architecture. It was founded in 1074 and the Cirignano,...
Archaelogical Civic Museum Bisceglie   ARCHAELOGICAL CIVIC MUSEUM BISCEGLIE
Created in 1973, it houses all kinds of objects found in the Biisceglie area, near the Grotte S.Croce and the village of  Cave Mastrodonato.
Torre maestra Bisceglie   TORRE MAESTRA BISCEGLIE
The Norman Tower, known as "Torre Maestra", was built in 1060 by the will of Count Peter I the Norman. The Normans constructed only the first floor,...
Church of santa Margherita Bisceglie   CHURCH OF SANTA MARGHERITA BISCEGLIE
Of Romanesque-Pugliese architecture, it was founded in 1197 by Falco, a judge in the court of Henry VI and descendent of the Falcone family. Built outside the...
Palazzo Tupputi Bisceglie   PALAZZO TUPPUTI BISCEGLIE
The palazzo was built in the 15th century by the Frisari family and around the mid 18th century it passed on to the Tupputi family, who revamped it and beautified...
Instituted in 1980, the Museum is placed in the Episcopal Palace that, from the XI century to the late XVII century, gave hospitality to the Bishops...
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