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Considered middle class and commercial, this is more than just the City of the Challenge: from the sea one is faced with the Castello Federiciano, symbol of the reign of Frederick II of Swabia and of all the others that followed, a place of coronations, proclamations of the law and the departure point for many Crusades.  These Crusades, of great power, were blessed in the Holy Sepulchre followed by their adieu to the imposing bronze of Eraclio, a colossal figure that became the symbol of the city.  Then comes the almighty challenge of 1503, celebrated with great pomp each year and an important drawing card for tourists; the Inn of the Challenge is still there to be admired today, but French and Italians alike reserve their challenges to soccer and leave the remains of the past to be merely admired.  France is once again visible in Barletta in the masterpieces of Giuseppe de Nittis; today on exhibition within the extraordinary Palazzo della Mara (XVI Century), an obligatory stop in your itinerary, together with the Romanesque Cathedral, the church of S. Andrea and the Purgatory Church (XVIII Century). ...
The opening of the “Giuseppe De Nittis” Picture Gallery, in the splendid site of the “della Marra” Palace, marks an historic date for the city of Barletta that...
 Collossal Statue Known as Eracleo Barletta   COLLOSSAL STATUE KNOWN AS ERACLEO BARLETTA
A bronze statue, measuring more than 5 metres and depicting an emperor in military garb is found in front of the S. Sepolcro Church in Barletta. It has been in...
Palazzo della Marra Barletta   PALAZZO DELLA MARRA BARLETTA
Palazzo della Marra is the outcome of a lengthy restoration project. In 2005 the Palazzo Della Marra Faggianni was donated to the city by the artist’s wife, Leontine...
Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore Barletta   CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA MAGGIORE BARLETTA
This church is divided into two separate parts. They are clearly distinguished with a front Romanesque part and a back Gothic part, a sign of long, interrupted...
Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park Barletta   CANNE DELLA BATTAGLIA ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK BARLETTA
Placed only a few km from Barletta, the Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park keeps intact still the suggestive atmosphere of the epic battle between Romans...
Curci Theater Barletta   CURCI THEATER BARLETTA
This theater was inaugurated in 1819 and was a work by private citizens, it was then taken over in 1866 by the Municipal Administration that saw to the expansion,...
Basilica of Santo Sepolcro Barletta   BASILICA OF SANTO SEPOLCRO BARLETTA
The oldest records of the Church of Santo Sepolcro date back to 1061: in fact, in  a letter from Archbishop Bisanzio he discusses some concessions and privileges...
Antiquarium of Canne della Battaglia Barletta   ANTIQUARIUM OF CANNE DELLA BATTAGLIA BARLETTA
The museum is found inside the large archaeological area that encompasses even the town of Canne della Battaglia, a site famous for the victory of Hannibal over...
Cantina della Sfida Barletta   CANTINA DELLA SFIDA BARLETTA
This historic site is linked to the Challenge of Barletta because it was precisely in this medieval inn that took place the famous offensive remarks by the French...
Santa Maria degli angeli Greek church Barletta   SANTA MARIA DEGLI ANGELI GREEK CHURCH BARLETTA
The Madonna degli Angeli church is the only Greek church in Barletta, for this reason it is commonly called the Greek church. Over the last few centuries Barletta...
Swabian castle Barletta   SWABIAN CASTLE BARLETTA
The original seat of the castle dates back to Norman times, while Frederick occupied the castle from 1225 to 1228. During the Crusades the castle became a regular...
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