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XII Eeuw
 de steden   ander cultureel erfgoed in de stad
Tot onze spijt is het gevraagde document niet in uw taal beschikbaar. Tot onze spijt is het gevraagde document niet in uw taal beschikbaar.
piazza trento e trieste 7 - Minervino Murge (Bat)
Telefoon: 0883 692341
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The construction of the oldest wing of this castle dates back to Norman times, presumably 1042, and ended in 1300 as testified by the coat of arms belonging to the tenant-in-chief Giovanni Pipino at the entrance of a tower. Today the tower hosts the archaeological exhibition entitled ”Quando l’Ofanto era color dell'Ambra” (When the River Ofanto had an amber tone).
It was used for years as a fortress and we recall the sieges and battles of 1341 and 1350 between the Pipino family and the Del Balzo family. During the first half of the seventeenth century the castle underwent a series of significant modifications under the Pignatelli princes, tenants-in-chief from 1619 to 1657, who transformed it into a luxury residence by adding the entire front wing, façade and a vast courtyard apart from the Norman building.
An internal corridor was built during this period to connect the castle to the Church of San Francesco which enabled noble families to attend religious functions without having to leave the protection of the castle.
It was occupied for many years by Sir Baynard, a French hero who was a renowned, undefeated knight and the protagonist of the war between the Spanish and French at the beginning of the sixteenth century. The castle is currently the location of the town council offices.
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