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Zee en stranden
Zee en stranden
In little more than 40 km, the coastal strip boasts of some of the most beautiful seaside cities in Puglia, all of which have fishing harbours and docks for pleasure craft. In the tract between Margherita di Savoia and Trani, the coast is sandy, with large, crowded and well-equipped beaches at the seaside resorts of Margherita di Savoia and Barletta.
In the south, the physiography of the coast changes at Trani and Bisceglie, where it is rocky with cliffs that alternate with pebble beaches at the mouths of the flood grounds. For this reason, the tract of sea between these two cities is a deep blue, a different shade than the typical Adriatic green of the sandy zones farther north.
The shore is defended by valuable Aragonese coastal towers – Petra Tower, the Tower of the Salines, site of the Museum of the Salines; Ofanto Tower, the afore-mentioned Olivieri Tower – and, in Trani, by the splendid Saint Mary of Colonna monastery.
Tot onze spijt is het gevraagde document niet in uw taal beschikbaar. Tot onze spijt is het gevraagde document niet in uw taal beschikbaar.
Bathing establishments
Nautical Tourism, Boat excursion, going around on the sea
Fishing Tourism
“Watch and breathe your city from the sea": A day spent discovering the sea and the oldest origins of "Puglia Imperiale”
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