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Actieve vakantie
Riding Tourism
Cycling tourism
Air tourism
Golf and relax at the Castel del Monte Golf Club
Sport Fishing
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Actieve vakantie
Actieve vakantie
There are a large array of outdoor activities such as traditional activities, in a territory that boasts very different environments and landscapes within a few kilometres.
A holiday to spend with who share your same passions, a chance to test your spirit of adventure and regenerate your body enjoying the unpolluted nature and vastness of Puglia Imperiale
Tot onze spijt is het gevraagde document niet in uw taal beschikbaar. Tot onze spijt is het gevraagde document niet in uw taal beschikbaar.
 Riding Tourism
Being a tourist respecting the environment and discovering the peculiarities of the nature in the National Park of the High Murgia
Cycling tourism
Two-wheels itineraries in the lands of Frederic II, discovering nature, art, history and traditions
Air tourism
For those who love active tourism or looking for excitement
Golf and relax at the Castel del Monte Golf Club
Play golf in the shadow of the Frederician Manor House, lost in the splendid and suggestive High Murgia natural landscape
Sport Fishing
Practise sport fishing in the Locone dam's water
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